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We aren’t the right solution for everyone—and that’s a good thing. We only want to work with those that are the best fit, the ones we can deliver the biggest bang for their buck with our new approach to high-cost claims. Specialty Care Management (SCM) provides an innovative risk solution that normalizes claim costs and brings them back under control. Specializing in program designs for renal claims, cancer management, transplants, clinical underwriting consulting and negotiation services, SCM helps clients reclaim their claim spend and experience maximized savings every time.


We make it simple for our clients to save. When dealing with something as complex and confusing as high-cost insurance claims, simplicity is key. At its core, our solution is simple and straightforward. No complex ROI here, just a program that completely pays for itself the first time it is used. And with no guesswork or games, our clients experience normalized claim costs that are consistently under control. Plus with no set-up fee or cost until utilization, it’s a no-brainer—SCM is the smartest move clients can make for their high-cost claims.


Normalize, don’t compromise. With industry-exclusive tools as the foundation of our programs, we normalize claim costs for our clients, bringing their costs under control and putting them back in the driver’s seat. With unique differentiators for certain programs that include a flat case rate, fiduciary responsibility, medical expense protection and an all-encompassing fee structure, we are able to be proactive rather than reactive when helping our clients manage their high-cost claims.