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Robert Clemente

Chairman & Founder

MHA in Health Care Administration, Xavier University
B.S. Business/Economics Syracuse University

Robert A. Clemente is Chairman and Founder of Specialty Care Management, LLC. For over 25 years, Mr. Clemente has spearheaded significant efforts in patient centric, risk-based management of high-risk, high-cost claims for the reinsurance and stop loss marketplace.

Prior to entering the catastrophic care management work, Mr. Clemente refined his expertise in leadership through his roles at multiple health care organizations. Most recently, he has directed and overseen SCM’s efforts, working with the majority of key Stop Loss Carriers in the self-funded markets. Throughout his career, Mr. Clemente has developed and directed numerous programs and initiatives in the industry including: InterAct, a program of patient centric value-added risk management services, for American United Life/R.E. Moulton, ForMost, a comprehensive, tertiary care network and care management program serving the self-insured/self-funded, Taft Hartley, and fully insured markets, and served as Senior Vice President for Provider Networks and Centers of Excellence Program for BCEmergis.

Mr. Clemente is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), and has been an active member of SIIA for over 25 years, having served on several SIIA committees including his current position on the Board of Trustees for SIIA

Craig Clemente

President & Chief Operating Officer

MBA Northeastern University, concentration in Healthcare Management and Finance
B.A. Economics, Drew University
B.S. Pennsylvania State University

Craig Clemente has served as Chief Operating Officer for Specialty Care Management (SCM), since 2011. With a forte for successfully building strong teams and holding a key role leading all facets of business and strategy, Mr. Clemente has successfully positioned Specialty Care Management as a leading expert in its field with respect to the application of best business and finance practices.

Mr. Clemente brings to the company over a decade of success and broad business range that have powered a history of developing successful process improvements that drive productivity, reliability, client satisfaction, and organizational growth. Mr. Clemente specializes in working with risk markets, including stop loss and reinsurance entities, and related MGUs. Rising through various positions at SCM, his broad background has furnished him an astute, working knowledge of underwriting and risk, especially relative to improving current products, as well as developing and launching new products. Mr. Clemente joined SCM in 2009 as Vice President of Operations. He has held some capacity with SCM since its 2008 inception, having served in a number of part-time positions, including auditing, marketing, contracting, finance, and organizational management.

Prior to joing SCM in a full-time capacity, Mr. Clemente had worked in the hospitality and finance industries, driving positive outcomes in multiple roles with Omni Hotels, and Hennion & Walsh, Inc.

A four-year member of the Self-Insurance Institute of America health care committee, Mr. Clemente was the inaugural Chairman of the SIIA Future Leaders Committee for 2018 & 2019.

Rick Garrison

Executive Vice President

B.S. Pennsylvania State University

Rick Garrison is currently President of Specialty Care Management (SCM). He began working with SCM on a consulting basis and joined the team permanently as the company’s Executive Vice President.

Mr. Garrison brings to SCM a wealth of experience gained over 30 years in private and public ventures in healthcare and insurance. His expertise lies especially in the areas of business development, operations, sales, finance, and equity management. In addition, he has worked closely with the fully insured health and workers’ comp markets, as well as the self-funded and partially self-funded markets within those areas.

Prior to joining SCM, Mr. Garrison has served as Chief Operating Officer of M2Gen, starting with its 2007 inception. While with that company, he was responsible for all operational and implementation aspects of the start-up, which created the world’s largest cancer-focused biorepository, supporting research and development of personalized cancer treatments. His experience expands to organizations including ForMost, Virtual Health Systems and MedQuist.

Michael Madden

VP, Clinical Management

United States Navy Veteran 1973-1975
Ivy Tech College Graduate

Michael Madden brings to SCM 30 years of a wide array of nursing experience. Throughout his career, Mr. Madden has pursued and demanded quality care, the hallmark and core of his SCM service. He has continually been at the forefront of the “quality evolution” in healthcare. Mr. Madden has developed, coordinated, introduced, transitioned, and directed quality assurance programs for hospitals and clinics throughout Indiana, as well as for healthcare companies nationwide. Further, he is expert at coordinating catastrophic clinical and cost management solutions in the high cost, self-funded marketplace.

Joining the SCM family in 2010, Mr. Madden is charged with coordinating and overseeing all aspects of Care Management. He boasts a wide and varied background. From 1999 to 2010, he had been Risk Management Coordinator at R.E. Moulton, Inc. Prior to his stint at Moulton, Mr. Madden had been Performance Improvement Director at Behavioral Healthcare of Lebanon, IN. While at Visiting Nurse Health Services of Lafayette, IN he had been Clinical Services Director and Quality Management Director. At Arnett Clinic in Lafayette, from 1992-1994, he had been Quality Assurance Coordinator.

Beginning in 1985, Mr. Madden’s direct patient care had been in the role of quality or unit manager; both as a certified psychiatric nurse and provider utilization review nurse. He advanced his career from 1986-1992 while at Charter Hospital of Lafayette, beginning as staff nurse, growing in various positions of responsibility to director of nursing.