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Reducing risk has never been simpler­—or more rewarding

SCM’s Renal Re-Pricing Program significantly reduces risk while protecting the plan and the patient from further financial responsibility with a predictable, quantifiable and simple-to-implement process.

On average, our Renal Re-Pricing Program lets clients experience transparent, bottom-line savings of 73% with an impressive 100% discount retention rate and works seamlessly with all plans and claims processors.

Exclusive Program Features:

  • In-depth review and analysis of the plan document
  • Registered nurse reviews all claims to prevent inaccurate billing
  • Both in- and out-of-network providers accepted
  • Underwritten case rate approach that addresses actual cost—not arbitrary billed charges
  • Program reviewed regularly by legal firm specializing in benefits and health regulation

Plus, with our Renal Claims Defense and Medical Expense Protection, SCM delivers double the protection for double the peace of mind.


Renal Claim Defense

Enhancing our Renal Re-Pricing Program is SCM’s Renal Claim Defense (RCD), which takes on fiduciary responsibility and liability to ultimately protect the plan from any legal fees, court costs or punitive damages associated with the SCM renal repricing. In other words, we have your back and will cover the costs if a payment dispute ever arises.

Medical Expense Protection


Adding to your overall peace of mind, we offer Medical Expense Protection (MEP). If a court determines that your utilization of our program was unsuitable, MEP ensures that you will not be required to pay additional medical expenses, legal fees or court costs associated with defending the claim.

* SCM reserves the right to perform or not perform any service offering on a case-by-case basis at its sole discretion