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Reducing risk has never been simpler­—or more rewarding

Just one renal dialysis claim could potentially wreck havoc on a plan. Since 2002, SCM has been providing Renal Re-Pricing Programs to help normalize the cost of dialysis and bring a catastrophic claim back under control.

At SCM we pride ourselves on curating solutions that are adaptable to a multitude of plan structures leading to a streamlined implementation every time.

Whether you are a fully self-funded plan or utilize an ASO/BUCA we can work with you to manage your dialysis claims. Helping reduce your risk while protecting the plan, and patient, from further financial responsibility through predictable and quantifiable results.

Exclusive Program Features:

  • 78% average savings with no hidden fees
  • No set-up cost
  • Proprietary dialysis underwriting model
  • 100% success rate on challeneges and appeals in a readily deloyed process
  • Patient advocacy through dedicated renal case management specialists In-depth review and analysis of the plan document
  • Registered nurse reviews all claims to prevent inaccurate billing
  • Both in- and out-of-network providers accepted


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Dialysis Prime Self Funded Solution

Traditional Self Funded Solution

Dialysis Plus Administrative Carve-Out Solution

Administrative Carve-Out Solution for Self-Funded Plans


SCM has partnered with ACS Benefit Services (ACS) to bring you a comprehensive administrative carve-out program fo dialysis claims. Completely alleviating the burden of dialysis claims, Dialysis Plus handles ALL aspects of management—from tailored plan design and member onboarding logistics to appropriate repricing, accurate and timely adjudication, and streamlined handling of the appeals process.

* SCM reserves the right to perform or not perform any service offering on a case-by-case basis at its sole discretion